Friday, August 7, 2009


Hi 3n3,
Whatever that has happened, let that be a LEARNING LESSON TO ALL OF YOU. There are times when you guys need to be serious seriously and not taking things lightly or treat it as a joke. Teachers are not clowns nor fools standing in front of you, therefore whoever we are or how our teaching styles are different, BE SERIOUS and FOCUSED. I've seen tremendous improvement and effort put in all of you but why the provocation? Why provoke in order for you to feel almighty and bigshot about it? I seriously seriously don't understand it. There is a limit for us to tolerate your misbehaviours. 3n3 you need to move on positively and be more focused students in class. You need to EARN RESPECT, not expect the person to respect you if your behaviour, character and attitude is down the drain. Once you step out of ADSS, you no longer have teachers reminding you, nagging at you, scolding you, giving you tonnes of opportunity or chances to redeem yourself....WE DO THIS BECAUSE WE ARE CONCERN, WE CARE, WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR FUTURE CONCERNS US. It doesn't mean that once you have done wrong you are a loser forever, you pick up and move on positively and prove that you can succeed! Come on 3n3, final year exams are just around the corner so persevere! Jiayou! 3n3 YOU CAN DO IT! Jiayou!

Word of thanks:
Thank you Lavis for doing the previous 3n3 blog, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you Naz for doing up the 3n3 blog again, it has been given a new life and seeing the peaceful scenery puts me at ease. Hope 3n3 likes it and please thank Naz.

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